Aloe for Digestive Health

aloe vera

Although you may not yet know it, your kitchen probably houses some pretty awesome natural digestive cures. Apple cider vinegar, ginger, peppermint, fennel, and lemon are a few examples. You shouldn’t have to run to a pharmacy for these—your local grocery store should carry them. The nice thing about using whole foods and natural ingredients to help ease your digestive system is that there are no side-effects. No long, crazy disclaimers that include warnings like “may lead to a hospital stay and, in rare cases, blood transfusions, surgery, and death”[i] or “the chance of getting lymphoma or other cancers may increase.”[ii]


Today, the kitchen cure we’re talking about aloe. Many people keep aloe plants in their homes, and they have a ton of medicinal uses. Let’s dive in:

Aloe is traditionally used to treat burns—it has a definite cooling effect on the skin. Because of this, it also has a cooling effect on your digestive system. If you’re inflamed on the inside, then ingesting aloe in the form of capsules or juice can be highly beneficial. It has been shown to work with all kinds of digestive disorders. Consistent use of aloe juice can also help to regulate the bowel and loosen sticky debris from the inside of the intestinal tract, therefore assisting in detoxification, and better absorption of essential nutrients.[iii] Go, aloe!

(Aloe is typically used in conjunction with colonic irrigation, which I highly recommend if you are not having regular bowel movements. If you are chronically constipated, this process is for you, my friend.)

Interesting side note, “aloe vera plant shows it is made up from a large variety of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals and it comes closer than any other known plant to the duplication of life’s essential substances in the biochemistry of the human body.”[iv]

Hmmm….worth giving a shot right?
Happy Wednesday!
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