The 24th Annual Wellness Show Vancouver

This weekend (February 12-14) marks the 24th annual Wellness Show Vancouver, taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre. I’ve been before, but it’s either been as an attendee or a media representative. This year, I’m much more involved! Check it out:

Fresh + Fit Vancouver

The best place to catch me will be at my booth for Fresh + Fit Vancouver. This boutique white label firm specializes in assisting small wellness businesses promote themselves on social media, and build better online visibility through original content creation in the form of website content and unique and relevant blog posts.

If you’re wondering why small businesses need a service like this, click HERE or watch the video at the end of this post.

The Fresh + Fit booth is located in space 817B—come say hi!

Healthy Families Cooking Stage

I’m not totally sure how this happened, but I’ll be conducting two live demos of healthy snacks for the new Healthy Families Cooking Stage. On Saturday the 13th, I’ll be making Bliss Balls at 3pm, and on Sunday the 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day!), I’ll be making Sprouted Endive Boats (sponsored by Eat More Sprouts) at 3pm.

Come watch my demo(s) and I’ll be happy to make sure you get a signed copy of Vegetarian Comfort Foods after!

Book Sales + Signing

At the Fresh + Fit booth, I’ll also be selling and signing books. They include:

So if you’re at The Wellness Show this weekend, come pop by and introduce yourself! I’d love to meet you. xo


Why Your Business Needs to Utilize Social Media

Make Your Own Medicinal Tea

Last month, my third book was released into the world. The Good Living Guide to Medicinal Tea: 50 Ways to Brew the Cure for What Ails You is officially in a bookstore near you.

Or at the very least on Amazon HERE.

This book is different than my first two, because unlike them, I had no background or reference or experience in what I wrote about. The subject matter interested me, and because I’m kind of a holistic chick, I was genuinely curious as to how to go about making all of these amazing remedies for various ailments we suffer with every day.

There are teas for cough and cold, hair loss, and worms. There are recipes in this book for skin rashes, hives, and constipation. Pages upon pages of information regarding how to use herbs that, until recently, I’d never heard of before (like Goldenseal, Burdock, and Feverfew).

Honestly, there are approximately 40 pages of references citing peer-reviewed studies to accompany my suggestions, as well as some kind and careful observations and recommendations by a certified medicinal herbalist.

If you’ve ever been curious about making your own medicinal tea, now is the time to get on it. In our world of Big Pharma and lab-created drugs for anything and everything, getting back to basics and using safe and effective ingredients to make our own remedies is both healthy and empowering.

THC detox drinks for sale.

I hope you love this book as much as I do!

Tea Cover - Copy

Release: The Good Living Guide to Medicinal Tea

Friends! I’m excited to announce that a book I signed a contract for over a year ago will be releasing in just ONE WEEK! On January 5th, The Good Living Guide to Medicinal Tea: 50 Ways to Brew the Cure for What Ails You will hit the shelves at Chapters, Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble, and more! It will also be available for purchase through, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond!

Here’s the description from the back cover:

More than just a warm and comforting drink, tea has medicinal properties that are widely underused in North America. Common herbs, spices, fruits, and barks have been scientifically proven to help relieve pain, menopause symptoms, high blood pressure, insomnia, stress, and digestive angst. When taken preventatively, certain herbs in tea can help fight off cancer cells, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s disease and fibromyalgia. By learning about what these various natural ingredients are capable of and how they work, readers can begin to treat many ailments with what grows in their gardens—plants that have been used in eastern medicine for thousands of years.

The Good Living Guide to Medicinal Tea invites readers into a world of medicinal plants, instructs on the specific healing properties of each, matches them to ten common North American health disorders, and provides simple tea recipes readers can make in their own homes.

Late Japanese author Okakura Kakuzo has been famously quoted as saying, “Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.” The Good Living Guide to Medicinal Tea encourages readers to turn their favorite drink back into medicine—and outlines exactly how to accomplish this. With the help of beautiful photographs and an easy dialogue, Jennifer Browne clearly explains to readers how teatime can garner impressive health benefits.

This book is my third, and I’m extremely proud and excited to share it with everyone. If you’re someone who loves to create and cook and be healthy and inventive and holistic and maybe has a little bit hippie inside of you, this book is for YOU.

Merry Christmas and Nappy New Year–2016 is going to be amazing. xo

City TV Vancouver

The Fun

5 days ago I crossed an item off my bucket list, while simultaneously jumping WAY outside of my comfort zone: a very nice producer let me do live television to promote Vegetarian Comfort Foods.

I don’t know what she was thinking, either, but now she’s my favourite. Anyway, I lived to brag tell about it.

While I was stressing and trying not to throw up or pee my pants, my husband had a great time meeting the faces of Breakfast Television and playing Sports Centre by himself. (He loved it.)

The Drama

If you watch the video closely, I run out of breath towards the end because I forgot to breathe, but it’s cool, because no one noticed, except now I’m telling everyone, so you WILL notice, but I’m okay with that because…….(*passes out).

See how that happens?!

Anyway, I loved it, I’m super grateful that people let me promote stuff in situations like this, and hopefully I’ll have a chance to try not to throw up or pee my pants again.

I’ll keep you posted.

The important thing is that no expletives left my lips. This was my number one, genuine fear, because when I get nervous, I tend to let loose. But I didn’t, so that’s one giant point for Jen.


The Result

The Launch of Vegetarian Comfort Foods + More

This week’s been crazy. Actually, honestly, this whole month’s been crazy. Or the summer. I don’t know…but the madness is both exhausting and exhilarating.

On August 4th, my second book was let into the world: Vegetarian Comfort Foods.

This seemed amazing to me. I was at my family’s cabin last year when I was negotiating the deal with my editor, and I was at the same cabin on August 4th when it was released just a couple of weeks ago. Wow. And because I personally love an excuse to throw a party, we conducted a formal launch at a cute little shop that also is brand new, called Wildflower Artisan Collective in Abbotsford, BC.

Fresita wine

Wine was kindly sponsored for the event by Fresita Sparking Summer Wine (this was the very first time I’ve dealt with obtaining a special occasion liquor license, so that was a special project in of itself), and tons of amazing friends and family came to get their copies signed by Yours Truly, and Tanya R. Loewen of Wild Honey Art House. (She took incredible photographs of all the recipes, and I am eternally grateful.)

Wildflower Artisan Collective


Aside from the cookbook launch, I handed in a fourth book this summer, (Baby Nosh), my husband and I went to San Diego for our 10th wedding anniversary, my kids grew about two feet each (something about lots of water and sunshine?!), and I began working on my most fave contract of the year: the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. To wrap it up, I will be doing a short segment for Breakfast Television Vancouver on the very last day of the month.

This is live TV people, and I’m me. Go grab yourself some popcorn and nestle in for a slip or fall or some accidental profanity.


Having whizzed by at warp speed, this summer has been one of my best EVER, and although I don’t want it to end yet, I’m looking forward to what autumn brings. (Probably more craziness.) I hope you all have had your own summertime adventures to commit to memory, and thanks so much for reading my blog!

PS- If you want a signed copy of Vegetarian Comfort Foods, I’ll be at Costco in Abbotsford from 12-4 on August 29th, and at various Bed, Bath, and Beyond locations throughout the fall. Stay tuned! xo

5 Plant-Based Cookbooks to Buy TODAY

I love plants, and I love eating them, so I buy plant-based cookbooks. A lot. Sometimes I don’t even make any recipes from them, I just like to look at the pictures and drool.

(I might have a problem.)

But the following 5 books are books that I use all the time to create great and inventive plant-based meals for myself and my family. I strongly suggest you search them up on Amazon, take a look inside if that feature is available, and then buy them.

(Because you’ll want to after glancing at the food photography. Wow.)

The Blender Girl Cookbook

The Blender Girl

Let me begin by stating that good people create amazing cookbooks. Tess Masters is a lovely woman, whose heart and soul can be found living in bliss at the bottom of a Vitamix.

Full of creative, gorgeous recipes that taste as incredible as they look, this book encourages the intake of vegan nutrients by way of uber nutritious smoothies, sorbets, sauces, soups, and more.

Buy on Amazon HERE.

Oh She Glows

oh she glows

I know—this one’s a goodie that everyone owns by now, right? But if you’re one of the few that don’t own it, you should.

Written by Angela Liddon, who’s also the food photographer, this book packs insane nutrients and incredible enthusiasm for plant-based foods into every single page. I like the U.S. cover better than the Canadian one, and was disappointed to have been delivered the latter, but beggars can’t be choosers—and I was begging for this book.

Buy on Amazon HERE.

My New Roots

my new roots

This lovely book has the most beautiful photographs. Honestly. Any plant-based cookbook that includes edible flowers in their recipes get a giant thumbs up from me. It’s so pretty, I want to display it on a shelf in my living room, but my husband won’t let me.


Buy on Amazon HERE.

Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen

I’m not going to lie: I bought this book because of the persistent profanity. Who expects to open a cookbook and read “Slowly whisk in the milk so that shit doesn’t get all lumpy. SLOWLY, MOTHERFUCKER.” (Page 23.)

It had me at “Pay. Fucking. Attention.” (Page xiv.) Or “Eat like you give a fuck.” (Cover.)

So I paid attention, and loved the book. The recipes are simple and delicious and ridiculously entertaining to follow. I think I’ve purchased about 8 copies as gifts, alone. If you or someone you know loves to peruse plant-based cookbooks, this one’s highly recommended if only for the shock factor. (Which it won’t be, because the recipes are truly delicious.)

Buy on Amazon HERE.

Vegetarian Comfort Foods

Vegetarian Comfort Foods

Yep—I’m unapologetically plugging my own work. Officially being released on August 4, this labour of love consists of over 75 plant-based recipes that are designed to be kind to your digestive tract. A follow-up to my first book, Happy Healthy Gut, Vegetarian Comfort Foods provides recipes, meal plans, and tons of insight about how to care for a touchy bowel.

If you or anyone that you know suffers from stomach disorders such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s disease, colitis, and diverticulitis, this plant-based cookbook can help.

Buy on Amazon HERE.

My next purchase?

The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon

Bowl and Spoon

Part of the Sprouted Kitchen series by Sara Forte, this book looks like it’s right up my alley. It’s plant-based, inventive, creative and earthy home-cooking.


Buy on Amazon HERE.

Ummm…you’re welcome! xo


Book Launch + Foodie Stuff

Events and book launch

Excuses + Announcements + Events 

Hey, friends! I’ve been a busy girl. Actually, if it’s possible to be both lazy and busy at the same time, then that’s what I’ve been. Because I don’t feel particularly productive, lately…but I’ll think about that, later.

Anyway, I’m SUPER excited to announce the book launch for Vegetarian Comfort Foods! The book is being released on August 4th, but the launch will take place on August 20th at (drumroll, please!)…Wildflower Artisan Collective, in Abbotsford, BC!

The super cool part of this announcement is that this venue isn’t even open yet. It’s brand-spankin’ new–just like the book!

If you’re in the Vancouver/Fraser Valley area and feel the need to show off the fact that you spend your Thursday nights attending literary events (hehehe), then show your face, ladies and gents! There will be vino from a very generous yet-to-be-named wine sponsor, and goodies, and general awesomeness.

A bit about Wildflower: this very new business will be housing ONLY hand-crafted, locally-produced goods made by the citizens surrounding Abbotsford, BC. How cool is that?! The amazing ladies who are running the show are no joke–their first baby (aside from their actual babies) is Twine Abode, which is an eco-friendly skincare line.

I’m just so excited to be part of this whole thing, and I hope you can make it, so you feel the same way. Stay tuned for more details and the launch grows nearer, and in the meantime, I might try and post more than I have been lately. Admittedly, Fresh + Fit and the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (SiWC) and Baby Nosh are taking up all my time.

I’m lovin’ me a few great projects right now.

Enjoy the rest of May, and let me leave you with a recipe for a kick-ass smoothie. xo

Banana oatmeal smoothie

Deliciously Date-able Smoothie


  • 8 frozen strawberries
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 3 pitted dates


Blend until seemingly smooth. (You’ll probably still get a few tiny date chunks, which are delicious.) Drink up and smile! xo

Book Signing Event: Happy Healthy Gut at Chapters on Robson, Vancouver

Happy Healthy Gut book signing

Happy Valentine’s Day! This day is one of my faves, but not because of all the love and chocolate. February 14th marks the halfway point through February, which means it’s almost March, which means it’s almost SPRING!

And every Vancouverite out there is DYING for spring by this point in our long, dark, rainy winter.

It’s also 5 days before an event I’ve been waiting for since the fall: on Thursday, February 19th, I’ll be signing copies of my first book, Happy Healthy Gut: The Plant-Based Diet Solution to Curing IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Disorders, at my favorite bookstore, Chapters on Robson Street, Vancouver.

WHY is this my fave bookstore? Because it’s 3 floors of awesomeness that are accessed via old-school iconic escalator, and the store itself is deep within the heart of Vancouver’s notoriously fabulous shopping district. Plus, there’s a Starbucks. (Obviously.) Come find me on Thursday from 1-4, and I’ll happily gift you with an abundance of bookmarks, and a big, goofy smile.

Because this will never happen again.

Chapters on Robson

Photo courtesy of Vancity Buzz.

On June 30th of this year, because of skyrocketing downtown leases, Chapters on Robson will be closing its doors, and relocating elsewhere in Vancouver. That day, my friends, will be a sad, sad day.

So help me make incredible memories and join me on Thursday. For those of you who live in and around the Vancouver area, I hope to see your beautiful faces. xo

Win a Free Copy of The Vegiterranean Diet!


Hey, friends! Happy Sunday!

As many of you already know, a new healthy book giveaway is introduced on the first day of each month, and February’s is a goodie! This month, enter to win a free copy of The Vegiterranean Diet by Julieanna Hever (the Plant-Based Dietician) HERE!

Good luck; the winner will be announced on March 1st. xo