Decisions, Decisions, Digestively Speaking

It continues to amaze me that when looking for answers on how to banish their chronic digestive disorder symptoms, many people STILL don’t put much thought into what they are eating, and how those foods might be contributing to their gut aches. The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation is just recently admitting that mainstream food can probably be correlated with the giant influx of various, common digestive diseases that are quickly becoming the norm in North America. Perhaps people just really don’t want to change their eating habits? I know it’s hard – I have personal experience with this particular dilemna. With over 80 million Canadians and Americans suffering from digestive unease on any given day, we should all be very wary about what is going on with our current food supply, and what kind of information is being relayed to us by food and drug companies who have it in their own best interest to keep us eating crappy food. I hate to be that girl…conspiracy-theory chick who loves to rant and rave about this stuff, but the fact is that we all have to begin by taking better accountability of our own health and the health of our children. Look at what you eat and ask yourself, “Does this promote growth and health? Is it food that my body will be happy to process, or should I lay off?” You already know the answer…honour yourself by acting on your intelligence. Let’s see if that tummy ache goes away…

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