Falling Off the Proverbial Wagon: How to get back on QUICK

We Are What We Think

The reason I’m writing this blog is because for the last 5 days, I’ve been eating like shit. And I don’t mean that I’m eating things like cake and hotdogs and bacon. I still abstain from those things. (I haven’t had a hotdog or bacon for almost 3 years!) I mean that I am eating too much, too frequently, too little greens, and drinking too much alcohol. It’s all about the excess. Summer is a hard time to keep all your diet in check, and after 5 days of slowly slipping on my usual semi-strict diet, I’m definitely feeling the effects.

Combine that with the fact that I just broke my coffee press a couple of days ago and have no coffee here, and I’m kind of a mess. (And by “mess” I mean I’m slowly but surely entering Bitch Town, population ME.) Both coffee and cheese have crack-like effects on me, and since I don’t eat a lot of cheese anymore, coffee’s my crutch. With soy or coconut cream, of course.

Soooo….how do I get back on track? It’s actually pretty simple. Only it involves a lot of willpower, and I’m feeling pretty lazy. Probably a side-effect of my recent crappy diet…

STEP 1: Accept what I’ve done, and move on. This goes for anybody trying to get back on track, whether it’s quitting smoking, cutting back on drinking, altering food, whatever. It’s key to understand that we are all human, we make mistakes, and then then we need to motor off in the right direction. Leave the past behind.

“What you ARE is what you have been. What you WILL BE is what you do now.” –Buddah

STEP 2: Make a plan. In my case, I made today’s meal plan for myself yesterday. I was prepared. I made sure I had all the ingredients. If you’re quitting smoking, make sure you have no cigarettes around, and have gum and plenty to keep your hands busy. Be ready to distract yourself. I’ve been distracting myself with pre-cut watermelon, figs, and dates. Nature’s candy.

STEP 3: Stick to the plan. This is totally different than making the plan. Sticking to it requires that willpower that I was previously talking about. Sometimes it helps to write yourself notes to slap on the fridge. (Sometimes your kids make fun of you for this, but who cares.) If you need them, then use them. It doesn’t matter what others think. You know yourself best—don’t listen to naysayers or pessimistic people.

STEP 4: Make it a habit. The longer you can stick to your plan, the better your chances for success. Create a routine. Mark successful days on the calendar. Challenge yourself. Reward yourself. You can do it; anybody can. Be your own best YOU.

STEP 5: Acknowledge your hard work. And if you slip a little, remind yourself of step 1.

So, day 1 of desperately grasping for the back of that wagon is almost over. As I’m typing this, I’m finishing my salad for dinner, eying up the ½ bottle of wine on my counter (which I think I’ll be dumping—I know it’s a little sacrilege, but sometimes I gotta get drastic), and thinking about what I’ll do tonight to keep myself on track. If you need to change something in YOUR life, whether it’s to get back on that proverbial wagon or begin a whole brand-new routine, know that it’s totally attainable.

You are the only one who’s standing in your way. Get out of there! And if you need to, go replace your coffee press. 🙂

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