Happy Healthy Sneak Peek #3

Lactose free and gluten free

Ready for the third sneak peek of my new book, Happy Healthy Gut? I will post a new preview, from a different chapter, every 2 days until release date (January 2), so stay tuned for more!

Happy Friday!

From Chapter Four (Inflammation Nation):

“Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t live with some sort of food sensitivity. I say ‘nowadays’ because I, along with many others, genuinely believe that this problem was not as prevalent in the past as it is today.[i] With the way we currently process food, and routinely add chemical cocktails to enhance it for the ultimate purpose of generating more money, food sensitivities are now inevitable. I almost guarantee that you have heard someone from the baby-boomer generation comment that “no one was allergic to peanuts in my day.” I’m not saying that nut allergies are new, but they are definitely more mainstream. So are wheat, gluten, dairy, seafood, corn, and soy. And egg. And food coloring. And…

Let me explain. Because of the western world’s incredible obsession with convenience, we have inevitably begun to eat some of the same foods several times a day in ways we are often unaware of. We are constantly inundated with wheat, corn, soy, sugar, salt, and casein products, as well as a wide variety of chemicals such as MSG (monosodium glutamate), food coloring, and artificial flavoring. These ingredients are present in almost everything processed, and because we consume so much of them, and they come to us in such overly processed forms, our digestive system eventually decides that it has had enough, and so challenges our immune system to a duel. En garde!

This is especially true for those of us who already have a slight sensitivity to one or more of these ingredients. We can only expect our digestive systems to take on so much, and after that, we feel the refusal. For example, I can abstain from cheese for a month and feel great, and I can eat a little bit here and there without feeling the negative effects, but if I decide one night to chow down on an entire wheel of brie with my beloved olives (something that I have unfortunately done several times), I always pay for it. It’s like my body grudgingly will process bit by bit until I overdo it, and then it shuts down and becomes terribly inflamed. I always regret it.

Cheese is my boyfriend that I know is bad for me in every single way, but I keep coming back for more despite the very predictable consequences. If I had a cheese therapist, she would tell me to break the cycle. You break it, too!”

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