You can’t force inspiration. It comes out of nowhere. It’s elusive- if you go looking for it, it won’t turn up. You have to be manipulative. Pretend like it doesn’t matter. Train your brain to not search for it. Ignore subtle opportunities. Then, just when you have truly forgotten about your quest for it, it appears. It comes from tiny seedlings of colour. It’s born into our dreams, just when we think that we must be ordinary, and that our subconcious thoughts are mundane and boring. Bam! Inspiration. Recognize it, and capture it quickly. If you don’t, it won’t feel appreciated, and it will vanish again. Who knows how long it will be gone? Not knowing drives people crazy. So, when you find it, cherish it, evolve it, shape it, and play with it. Give it contours that make it your own, and USE it. Inspiration loves to be loved.


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