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Kudolife: The Next Generation Fitness App

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything. Just this morning while I was watching Global TV, they discussed a new app that detected the offensiveness of one’s body odor. Yep.


Apps are available by the thousands, and some are definitely more useful than others; I personally use about 30 of them on a daily basis. For real—I counted. So imagine my hesitance when being approached about the “newest app that I need to try.”

Enter Kudolife, which I was introduced to by an acquaintance on April 7th. And it’s amazing.

About Kudolife

Previously, I was using My Fitness Pal. It tracked calories, food, fitness, and weight. But Kudolife? It does all of that plus it has Fit Bit features—it tracks your daily steps, guys! It’s also set to offer monthly meal plans and recipes, and it actually breaks your food intake into fats, proteins, and carbs.

Food with the words 'meal plans' over it

Marketing itself as a pre-diabetic activity and calorie tracker app, this awesome platform is the next generation of fitness apps—guaranteed. It’s also a very social platform. Yes—seriously. You can connect with others on Kudolife, and you can subscribe to the newsletter and mailing list.

Oh, and it’s pretty. Did I mention that? Because it really is. It’s really pretty.

Here’s the other thing: although it’s optimized for iPhone, you can use the desktop version, too. (Which rocks my world, because sometimes I’m tired of squinting at my phone.)

How to Get It

So if you love fitness and health and new stuff that makes life easier and more efficient, sign up for Kudolife. You can thank me later.

Visit www.kudolife.com for more info and/or to subscribe to their mailing list.

You’re welcome! xo

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