My Love for White Kitchens

And white bathrooms. And white on white on white.


My husband and I are currently pulling ideas together for a kitchen redesign. And by this, I mean I have lots of ideas, and he probably does too, but I’ll be the one talking to the contractor. Sooo…

Actually, he did have a fabulous idea for a living herb wall, which I love. Check this one out:


But back to the kitchen story, I seriously love white cabinets, white subway tile, white countertops (maybe quartz?) and white paint. Or off-white. Like, something that might be called ‘Antique Couture’ or ‘#whitenotwhite.’

Something like that.

We recently picked up a great refinished, solid wood table from a little shop in Abbotsford called Wildflower Artisan Collective. It’s where I had my book launch for Vegetarian Comfort Foods, and it’s where I’m having it for the Tea Book, which is actually called The Good Living Guide to Medicinal Tea, but the name is so long. Ugh. And now I just wrote it. Seconds off my life.

(Just kidding, Skyhorse Publishing. You picked a good title. Thumbs up!)

But anyway, the table is really pretty and the bar stools (that I actually found at IKEA—eek!) look so nice, that we decided the kitchen around it should look nice, too. Because right now, the prettiness of the table is emphasizing the awfulness of the kitchen. (Which is 24 years old and seriously in need of a face-lift. Like, more than just a little Botox. It needs filler and nips and tucks and everything.)

I feel like I’m getting really off track with this blog post. Hmmm.

So, back to the white. Here are some looks I love, and maybe when my kitchen is done, I’ll post a before-and-after. Jillian Harris probably would.



*Photos by Houzz and HGTV.

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