NEU Skin Botanicals: a product review

NEU Skin Botanicals vegan

Happy Meatless Monday!

Usually I’d talk about food today, but instead I want to tell you all about the latest and greatest skin care product line I’ve been indulging in! I live close to Vancouver, BC, and this product is local for me, which I love. NEU Skin Botanicals makes handmade, all-natural body products that are kind to your skin and smell great.

Here’s why this product is so fabulous: our cosmetic industry is super sneaky, and even when certain products are deemed “natural” or “vegan” or “kind,” it might not mean that they truly are. Something might be vegan, but it can still possess artificial fragrances that can give you hives, or phthalates that are related to cancer development. For a skin care product to genuinely be amazing, it needs to be free of parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, petroleum, artificial colourants, and laureths. All of these chemicals contribute to toxic overload, and should always be avoided if possible.

Fortunately, NEU Skin Botanicals is on it, and the creator describes her product as “natural, eco-friendly, and unprocessed.” Here’s what else the company has to say about their products:

“Tired of applying strange unpronounceable ingredients to your skin? We couldn’t agree with you more! NEU Skin Botanicals handcrafted products give you a wonderful moisturizing and aromatherapeutic experience, using only 100% natural ingredients to smooth, soften and promote healthy, well-balanced skin. Each product has unique healing and aromatherapy benefits. Our products are chemical-free, preservative-free and fragrance-free and are only tested on human animals. We have high standards when it comes to environmentally-friendly packagaing, too. You won’t find any plastic here! We use only recycled and environmentally-friendly packaging like glass jars, reusable tins and recycled kraft paper. NEU Skin Botanicals encourages you to please recycle by providing a $1 off your next order for every jar/tin returned.

Our product line includes our luxury sea salt and sugar body scrubs, moisturizing solid lotion bars, exfoliating shower scrub bars and whipped Shea body butters. Lip Balms – COMING SOON!” *

NEU Skin Botanicals vegan
If you love gorgeous, thoughtful, environmentally friendly, and truly kind body products, you need to check this new company out. Visit their Facebook page HERE. You can order online from them HERE. xo

*Quote taken from HERE

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