Flu Shots

I am a volunteer at Ridge Meadows Hospital. Along with regular employees, volunteers are required to get a flu shot this time of year. I’m on the fence with this one. I don’t normally get a flu shot- I feel as though my immune system should have the chance to react normally and naturally to exposure to viruses, and that flu shots are usually unnecessary for people of my age. (Thirties.) On one hand, I don’t want to expose fragile people or people who may be more susceptible to the flu by NOT getting the shot. I also don’t want to GET the flu from someone at the hospital and expose it to my kids (surely my exposure will be much greater than usual this year, because of hanging out at the hospital on a weekly basis), and so maybe the flu shot is a good idea. However, like I already was saying, I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of going ahead and volunarily injecting myself with a dead virus. You’re not even guarranteed to get immunized for the right flu- it’s a hypothetical guess on which viruses will be going around this year that determines what is it the shot concoction…hmmm…will get back to you on this one…


You can’t force inspiration. It comes out of nowhere. It’s elusive- if you go looking for it, it won’t turn up. You have to be manipulative. Pretend like it doesn’t matter. Train your brain to not search for it. Ignore subtle opportunities. Then, just when you have truly forgotten about your quest for it, it appears. It comes from tiny seedlings of colour. It’s born into our dreams, just when we think that we must be ordinary, and that our subconcious thoughts are mundane and boring. Bam! Inspiration. Recognize it, and capture it quickly. If you don’t, it won’t feel appreciated, and it will vanish again. Who knows how long it will be gone? Not knowing drives people crazy. So, when you find it, cherish it, evolve it, shape it, and play with it. Give it contours that make it your own, and USE it. Inspiration loves to be loved.


Food for Thought

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Surrey International Writers' Conference 2012

This weekend marked my very first time attending the infamous SiWC. What an experience! I was completely captivated by the presence of so many successful authors, agents, editors, and other writing professionals. I will definitely be in attendance next year. Here’s to SiWC 2013! Check out

New Website Alert!

Seriously, WordPress is hard! I like Weebly better. Or perhaps it’s the learning curve that annoys me. Regardless, it’s necessary. Ugghhh…stay tuned for more interesting and relevant posts- it won’t be long. Thanks for your patience!