The Writers' Exchange

Help Vancouver’s Writers’ Exchange!

Friends! The Writers’ Exchange gets Vancouver’s inner-city kids excited about reading and writing through crazy, fun, and imaginative creative-writing projects and support from volunteer mentors:



The Indiegogo Campaign

This month, they’re raising funds to help cover the costs of renovating a new space. Although they’ve been in the same space for years, their rent has recently doubled and forced them to move upstairs–which they’re happy about, because it means not moving locations for the sake of their students.

However, it DOES mean renovating that upstairs space. June first marked the first day of their Indiegogo campaign to help raise their goal of $20,000, and they’re already at almost $14,000 as I’m writing this! But here’s the thing: the full budget of their move and re-design is $53,500, so any extra funds that they can raise would be AMAZING.

About the Writers’ Exchange

Over 500 kids a year attend the Writers’ Exchange programs at their home on East Hastings in Vancouver and in schools across East Vancouver and in the Strathcona area. Most of the kids have been referred to the programs offered by the Writers’ Exchange by their teachers, because they either need extra literacy support (less than half of the kids at Vancouver’s inner-city schools are meeting provincial literacy expectations), or just need a safe place to go after school and/or during the summer.

Or both!

Even though most of the kids they work with say they don’t like reading and writing before they attend the Writers’ Exchange programs, in 2016, 99% of kids said they liked doing the fun literacy activities at the Writers’ Exchange! Also, every single parent polled said their child benefited from attending this amazing organization’s programs.

The Writers’ Exchange runs free, fun literacy programs after school and during the summer, and inner-city teachers also invite the program’s teachers into their classrooms to create publications with their classes. And then they actually have book launch parties for these kids when their publications are bound and ready to go! (The program receives very generous help with this part of the process from a local publishing company.)

This is a legit program that is VERY much needed for everyone in the community–and they need support. Watch their Indiegogo campaign video here, then please, please donate! xo



The Writers’ Exchange Society is a registered Canadian charity, number 795045095 RR0001.

Word Nerd

Welcome to my website! Please feel free to browse around and familiarize yourself with what I do and how I do it. To sum up, I’m a total word nerd who writes a lot of content for a variety of reasons, people, and platforms. I also provide social media management services to help those words get spread around and seen by those who find them useful.

Being active both in print and online, I truly believe that the written word is something that we use to share, inform, and inspire, whether we think about it or not. People innately seek to learn, connect with others, and affirm their core beliefs in themselves–and reading and writing is our most relevant medium for that!

Enjoy. xo


The Surrey International Writers' Conference


I was lucky enough to have spent this past weekend at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. (SiWC) It’s one of the largest writers’ conferences in North America, and this was my second year in a row attending. If I could use only two words to describe this conference, they would be ‘essential’ and ‘humorous.’

Everybody who attends is apparently a comedian, which works well for me, because I can laugh hard and work my abs, which counteracts the flatness that happens to my butt from sitting for 3 days.

Abs-1, butt-0.

Some of the workshops I attended included such topics as Writing for Newspapers and Magazines, Life Writing, The Nuts and Bolts of Writing Humour, Presentation Skills for Determined Writers, Marketing Your Book, The Changing World of Mainstream Publishing, and more.


All in all, it was a great conference. But I have to say that one of the main highlights for me was Jack Whyte‘s bold (and not-so-surprisingly talented) rendition of The Hippopotamus Song.

Anyway, if you’re a writer, and you have the opportunity to attend something like this every now and then, I highly recommend this particular event. Maybe I’ll see you there next year!

Happy Meatless Monday!

Progress Thus Far on Love Your Gut…

Alright! I have now submitted 25 queries, proposals, and/or manuscripts to various publishing houses and literary agencies. My quest for publication is definitely under way. As of today, I have had rejections from 4 houses and 1 agent.

It’s amusing that the thought of writing a book at first seemed like so much work, but now, looking back, it was so much easier than learning about the publishing business! This is one unexpectedly crazy, intensely interesting, highly motivating business to be pursuing! The learning curve is after the book is written, not during. Hmmm…

I’m quite enjoying this odd predicament of being excited, but not hopeful. It’s new. Please stay tuned for more news…happy Wednesday!