The Multi-Tasking Matriarch

We’ve all heard women say that they “do it all.” When you have school-aged kids, your life is BUSY. With two Christmas concerts, three children’s Christmas parties, a flu-stricken hubby, and a zillion things to accomplish in the next two days alone, I am reminded of just how much brain power it requires to keep it all together with the holidays approaching. I guarrantee that none of us ever looked at our mothers in wonderment when we were growing up and thought, “Wow, she remembers everything! She’s amazing! Good thing I have my mom.” More likely, we all thought, “Aww, mom! Stop asking me questions about my homework and just let me watch T.V. Of course I ate today- you packed my lunch! Why do you always vacuum during the good songs?” Remember?

It’s been said that all mothers are tutors, teachers, short-order chefs, drivers, and receptionists. We are bankers, investors, housekeepers, mediators, therapists, and mentors. We are readers, writers, small-appliance repair-people, doctors, and friendship co-ordinators. (Aside from being “just” mothers and working regular jobs that have nothing to do with our children.) Because of this, many of us are also drinkers. 😉 Where’d that shiraz go to…?

Do I have respect for my mom, now. I am able to work from home, and am blessed with crazy insomnia, so I often can easily get up out of bed to make a forgotten lunch, or finish those class cupcakes. “Lost library book? No problem- I saw it yesterday while dusting your filthy room. It’s in your top drawer, next to your bed.”

My own mom sometimes worked three jobs, and my dad also worked full-time shift work. She always made nostalgic goodies for Christmas, presented healthy dinners at 5:30 every night, and always drove me anywhere I needed to go. While taking care of two kids and a hard-to-live-with husband (Hi, Dad), she held our family together like glue. She drove us to the movies, bought us the “must-have” jeans, and took amazing care of us when we were sick. Even if she was working on two hours sleep, and had to get up for work in less than one. This is a woman who purchased my first house with me in 2003, just so I could get my foot in the door of the housing market.

Mothers are incredible multi-taskers.

Aren’t mothers amazing? I was feeling nostalgic and a little whimsical, and decided that I needed to voice my appreciation. My kids have no idea what I do. They just know that they’ll get enough sleep, that their nutritional needs will be met, that they’ll get to school on time (mostly), and that when they are ill, I will help them. Although we’re too young to truly appreciate our mothers while we are still children, it’s caring for our own wee ones that allow us to finally make that connection and appreciate our moms.

Go give your mom a hug! Happy Holidays!

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