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I haven’t blogged for two weeks, which is very unlike me, but I have a good reason: I’ve been running around like a MAD person. Literally running, too…you know you’re busy when you find yourself literally running everywhere–to the car, to the garage, from upstairs to down…I haven’t worked out in a week, but my butt and quads have not stopped moving.

One of the reasons (yes–just one) that I’ve been so busy, is that a lovely food photographer has been shooting images of my recipes for a new book I have coming out in August 2015 (Vegetarian Comfort Foods). This has required me to make over 20 recipes today, 12 yesterday, 10 the day before, etc. After shooting about 65 images, I am thrilled to announce that we are finished! (Well, I’m finished. She’ll be entering Edit Land pretty quick, here.)

This is what my kitchen sink looked like after making all that food (I had already cleaned it out once):


The experience has definitely made me acutely aware of just how lazy I am when I don’t want to cook dinner. That’s only one recipe! One. (While I’m typing this, I’m realizing that my keyboard is sticking, which means I spilled food on it while reading my recipes and cooking. Awesome.)

Although I can’t show you the pics that will be in the book, I can show you pics that I took of my food being photographed today, so take a peek! (PS- the pics she took look way better than the food itself. Ha. Funny.)

Wild Honey Art House

Wild Honey Art House

Wild Honey Art House

Wild Honey Art House

Happy Meatless Monday! xo

*Photographer is Tanya R. Loewen of Wild Honey Art House, Vancouver, BC

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